Advanced CIT Training


Follow-up Trainings for Certified CIT Police Officers and/or Negotiators & Special Operations Units

The CIT training model usually mandates forty hours of training in an intensive five day course. A tremendous amount of information is packed into a very short time. Officers find that some information is more directly relevant than other to their role as first response or corrections officers. After some time trying to implement the skills they have learned, they sometimes find that they could use more information in one area or another. Furthermore, things come up on the job that were not part of the training whatsoever.

Similarly, Negotiators and SWAT officers, who must work hand-in-glove, often desire training that goes beyond the basics of Negotiation 101. Ellis Amdur offers an advanced tactical communication training that is specific to borderline, paranoid and/or psychopathic barricaded subjects. Below are some of the areas of concern that Edgework has previously been asked to address. My areas of expertise are not confined to these topics, so please feel free to ask:

  • Suicide
  • Psychotic behaviors
  • Problems with juveniles, including mental illness, violence and suicide
  • Assessment and tactical responses concerning domestic violence
  • Frequent callers to the 911 system or inmates in the correctional system who are either in constant psychological crisis
  • Understanding the ‘Active Shooter’ from the inside-out
  • Manipulative individuals and sociopathic behaviors.

The advanced training is can be ½ day or one day in length. Agencies contact Edgework after a survey of officers and then present the areas of concern. If it is not an area of my expertise, I will refer the agency onwards to the best people I know.

Ellis Amdur’s participation as a trainer in your basic CIT course is not a pre-requisite for this follow-up training

Please read FAQ on Edgework Methodology