The Elementals

Concerning Character Disorders

Character disorders, also known as personality disorders, are fixed patterns of behavior that particularly manifest themselves in interpersonal relationships. Each character disorder can be regarded as an ineffective attempt to control one’s own world by ordering it in a predictable way. Paradoxically, such individuals experience lives of greater chaos, because their imposition of their own personality traits cannot be accepted by others.

Some or all of the personality disorders will be considered as is relevant to your professional responsibilities. Effective ways of communication with people who have psychopathic/anti-social, paranoid, histrionic, borderline, narcissistic, or other pervasive, fixed behavioral patterns will then be presented. In addition to a consideration of the characteristic behaviors and patterns of interactions that are typical of each of the “desperate styles” of living, strategies to control and minimize destructive behaviors will be discussed.

This program is tailor-made to the needs of your agency. Content is based on staff members’ professional role and the types of individuals who offer the most problematic situations.

Presentation topics include:

  • Phenomenology of some or all of the various character disorders
  • Strategic interventions to most effectively deal with such individuals
  • Coordination of treatment among the various individuals responsible for the client
  • Handling difficult situations without becoming over-enmeshed with either clients or their family members
  • Minimization of splitting – improve teamwork among administrators and staff in handling high intensity, threatening, or litigious individuals
  • Control of aggressive, suicidal and para-suicidal threats

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