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Articles on Psychology and Threat Assessment by Ellis Amdur

Attachment Disorder: A Controversial Diagnosis
Psychiatric diagnosis, despite wishful thinking to the contrary, cannot be termed a pure science. Although the scientific method plays a considerable part, there is also a significant element of "human science" - making informed decisions that are validated by their utility, rather than proven by physiological evidence.

Therapeutic Self-Defense: Training for Survivors of Violence and Abuse
Self-defense…is not simply a matter of the acquisition of combat skills. What is a valid defense of the self? I believe that the self is that which is most intrinsically human and personal within us. It is the self that is truly wounded in any assault.

Who’s in Crisis? A Consideration of Those Helping Victims of Abuse
Is there a crisis? Yes, there is. But whose? All too simplistically, we focus on the victim’s. But I intend to talk here about ours.

Articles on Psychology and Threat Assessment by Associates

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab and the Christmas Day Attack:
Why Aren't Lessons Learned? (PDF)
by David Rubens of Meido Consultants

An excellent article on why we, in the West, keep making the same mistakes in regards to flight security, comparing our procedures to the exemplary security methods of the Israelis, who rely, far more heavily on behavioral (not racial!) profiling rather than easily neutralized technological fixes.

Hollywood vs Reality Officer Involved Shootings

An excellent video prepared by the Eugene Police Department that should be disseminated as widely as possible to help explain to the public the realities of officer-involved shootings.  Due to a number of myths, the general public has a terribly skewed idea on what officers should or even can do.  This film does a lot to counter these misunderstandings

Articles on Martial Arts by Ellis Amdur

Natural Movement and It’s Relationship to Martial Arts
There is an island where chimpanzees are resettled after a lab closes, or because of aggressiveness, or psychological and physical damage.

Akuzawa Minoru:  The Body is a Sword

Akuzawa Minoru is one of the pioneers initiating a renaissance in the study of internal training methods in Japan.  Rather than merely reviving the methodology of a single ryu, Akuzawa, through his organization of methodology in his Aunkai, has drawn together training methods from several sources, as well as created new methods of training to make a powerful amalgam of techniques to develop a martial body.  One with such a trained body has developed the sinew and nervous connections specifically adapted to the exertion of explosive power and the ability to use that body for combative training.

Public Presentations of Skill in Traditional Japanese Martial Arts
Up until modern times, embu (public presentations of a martial art) were either honno embu (offerings to the deities of a shrine) or presentations to a figure of authority.

Hidden in Plain Sight: Errata

Here I correct several small errors in the text of Hidden in Plain Sight: Tracing the Roots of Ueshiba Morihei's Power.

It Aint Necessarily So: Banquo’s Ghost

In this article, I debunk a commonly-held myth regarding a famous teacher of aikido. The larger purpose is to use this specific incident to consider myth-making in general, how beliefs, even without factual support, become reality.

It Aint Necessarily So: Rendez-vous with Adventure

Yet another myth to be slain. In this essay, I question an apocryphal tale of the famous aikido teacher, Tohei Koichi, simultaneously defeating five judoka at the same time.

The Term 'Aiki' in Toda-ha Buko-ryu

A discussion of one of the first uses of the term 'aiki' known in traditional Japanese martial arts--here used in a very different concept than that i the welknown martial art of Dait?-ryu


Interviews on Martial Arts with Ellis Amdur

Interview with with Guillaume Erard (Part 1) - Martial Journey from Aikido to Koryu

A wide-ranging interview on the writing and practice of martial arts, with discussions on the nature of aggression and what value, if any, martial arts training can provide beyond skill in fighting or life-and-death combat.

Interview with Guillaume Erard (Part 2) - The De-escalation of Violence and the Relevance of Budo

A continuation of my interview with Guilluame Erard, focusing here on the role of martial arts practice in training to actually de-escalate or stop violence in the real world.

An Interview with Ellis Amdur to Celebrate the Publication of Dueling with Osensei in Dutch Translation

This interview introduces my book, Dueling with OSensei, to my Dutch readership.  The book was wonderfully translated by Merlijn Torensma and Ernesto Lemke

Rollicking Interview with Ellis Amdur on HIYAA Martial Arts

The interview, well over an hour in length, starts about 20 minutes into this podcast. Talk about koryu, aikido, internal training, and some great stories.

Audio Interview: "Memories of Terry Dobson"

This 36 minute audio recording is the answers to a number of questions put to me about the late Terry Dobson, my first aikido teacher, and my friend.

Articles on Martial Arts Using My Work as a Primary Reference

Tomoe Gozen: A Warrior Worth a Thousand

by Alyssa Favreau

This small blog article is perhaps the best single article on the web about the legendary woman warrior, Tomoe Gozen. Ms. Favreau does an elegant job blending together history and popular culture, absolutely appropriate as Tomoe Gozen has been a figure of both from the 14th century.


The Origin and Practice of Solo Training in Aikido

by Guillaume Erard

Much of this article involves a dialogue between Erard and myself concerning "Hidden in Plain Sight" training within both koryu and aikido

Interviews on Martial Arts with Associates

Interview with Aaron Fields on HIYAA Martial Arts

Aaron is a jujutsu/sambo practitioner who is also a long time associate of mine in Araki-ryu.  The interview starts about 35 minutes into this podcast.




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