Consultation for Institutions

Edgework consults with a wide variety of national and international businesses, social service organizations, law enforcement teams, schools and other institutions. Content is always tailored to meet the needs of the organization. Concerns include potentially dangerous customers, employees and clients. Resources are available for issues that involve interpersonal aggression, harassment, suicide, stalking, hostage negotiations and domestic violence.

Edgework advises in many areas such as de-escalation of aggressive behavior, effective communication with mentally ill or drug intoxicated individuals, strategizing for safety regarding potentially dangerous individuals and recommendations on human resource management and hiring. Instruction involves the presentation of real scenarios and instructor role-playing along with other practical, true-to-life tools.


Mr. Amdur works with human resources, security and investigation units, and EAP staff to plan how best to work with difficult employees who may or may not present danger to themselves or others. Staff present difficult cases and situations, suitably anonymous. Mr Amdur both facilitates discussion and offers strategic suggestions on how best to deal with the individual of concern, both ethically and from a position of strength. In addition:

–Mr. Amdur offers general information on passive-aggressive behavior as well as that of other individuals who manage their lives using strategies that cause either themselves or others trouble

–Recognition of and strategies to deal with the manipulative and destructive employee – the so-called “functional psychopath” who takes delight in quietly undermining both solidarity among employees as well as either destroying or taking credit for other people’s work.

–Reworking customer or client relations so that they can approach and work with your company with as little friction and as much welcome as is possible.