Court Related Services

Consultation in legal cases regarding crisis communication with individuals suffering from emotional disturbance and mental illness

Ellis Amdur offers consultation in legal cases involving interactions between law enforcement and mentally ill individuals as well other cases involving risk assessment issues. These cases usually concern interventions that were used in an attempt to de-escalate a violent or potentially violent emotionally disturbed individual. As a leading trainer in de-escalation of potential aggression, Ellis Amdur is qualified to provide real-world, realistic review of such encounters, not only from an academic and clinical perspective, but as someone who has faced violent and imminently aggressive individuals in many encounters. Whether the case involves civil or criminal matters, Ellis is adamantly non-partisan – having worked with both defense and plaintiffs – and takes each case on its merits.
NOTE: Ellis Amdur is not an expert in questions of defensive tactics – his consultations concern the nature of the communication (or lack thereof) between law enforcement personnel and the mentally ill or emotionally disturbed subject.

Record Review

Ellis Amdur has a many year history providing phenomenological assessments in cases relating to child abuse and neglect, as well as psychosocial assessments of individuals suffering from mental illness or other forms of psychological or emotional disturbance.  He currently offers record review of case files, which may include psychiatric, psychological and psychosocial evaluations, as well as CASA/Guardian ad Litem and social services reports.  He examines these records for bias, inconsistency or conclusions that are at variance with the actual data in the report. The results of such review are absolutely independent of the agenda of the contracting party, and will support or differ from the conclusions of the previous evaluator when that is warranted by the data in the report.