Individual Consultation

The Edgework Crisis Intervention Resources website focuses on the systemic application of Edgework principles: training, institutional consultation, and record review. The various professionals associated with Edgework also provide various individual services: specifically: counseling, consultation for individuals, parent coaching, critical incident stress debriefing and other services outside the scope of Edgework. This page contains brief descriptions of the individual services provided by each of the members of Edgework, as well as links to individual websites that describe these services in detail. Click on the titles or names of each of the practitioners to get detailed information about their practice.

Edgework Consultation: For Individual Work with Ellis Amdur

In my individual practice, I offer individual consultation for adults and  for those in intimate relationships, coaching for parents who are struggling with their children, mediation for groups and collectives in conflict, consultation concerning dangerous people in your life, and consultation for mental health professionals concerning both therapeutic issues and safety. My work is focused primarily on your dignity and integrity. Dignity is the external manifestation of self-respect, a state of mind that can only be acquired when you become a person of integrity. To achieve this, you must learn skills to manage the unpredictable—and even more important— face your life as it is given, not as you might wish it might be.

St. Jacques Consulting Group LLC

St. Jacques Consulting Group, is under the direction of Dr. Kevin St. Jacques. He, provides individual therapy for adolescents and adults, specializing in:

  • Therapy for Depression, Anxiety, PTSD
  • Post-crisis intervention
  • Change of life Issues
  • Work career issues
  • Law enforcement personnel and their families
  • Military personnel (active and Veteran) and their families
  • Stress management
  • Anger management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Criminal justice Involved individuals


Renee Cox

Renee Cox offers private counseling  in the Redmond area. At the present time, she has limited hours, but welcomes your call or email to discuss if her services and schedule are right for you. Her practice centers around working with adult clientele with anxiety, past or current issues with trauma or stressful incidents, and relationship issues & communication. She works with both of the individuals involved, or the couple.

Renee works with first responders on issues related to the job and personal issues as well. She is certified to provide individual sessions in critical incident stress debriefing.