Edgework is an overarching methodology developed by founder Ellis Amdur. Edgework provides training and consultation for institutions as well as individuals who experience – or must intervene during – crisis situations. This website focuses on training and consultation for institutions facing potentially dangerous or otherwise troubling individuals, who may be struggling with mental illness, substance abuse or other factors.

Edgework trainings are tailor-made for the profession of the institution. We have trained hundreds of law enforcement, corrections, parole/probation agencies, as well as private businesses, hospitals and social services agencies.

Edgework instruction is eminently practical, yet delivered with wit and humor. Participants learn skills based on solid theory that are extensions of real-life experience, specific to the professional responsibilities of the attendees. Edgework’s approach builds a realistic understanding of both the dangers and opportunities that crises present.

For those interested in Ellis Amdur’s work with individuals (both consultation and counseling), please go to Edgework Consultation and Psychotherapy.

For those interested in Ellis Amdur’s written work, which includes a series of books on de-escalation of aggression, books on traditional Japanese martial arts and fiction, go to Edgework Books.

And for those specifically interested in Ellis Amdur’s teaching and writings on martial arts, go to KogenBudo.