SAFETY AT WORK: Effective Communication Strategies to Calm Angry Individuals

It is a tragic fact that increasing numbers of people in our society choose aggression or even violence either to fulfill their wishes or in an attempt to alleviate their anger and sense of grievance. Customers at a variety of work settings become threatening. Co-workers or employees intimidate or even resort to violence. These problems are compounded by substance abuse or mental illness. Aggressive behavior often seems to occur with no advanced warning or understandable reason. Because of this, many people go to work with a sense of dread.

Edgework offers training in:

  • Methods of calming and de-escalation with aggressive individuals
  • Recognition and effective communication with mentally ill or drug intoxicated individuals
  • Specific recommendations on hiring practices, as well as other human resources issues concerning existing employees who present danger
  • Specific training on domestic violence and stalking issues

Edgework’s Program

The core program is set up in an initial consultation and offers strategies specific to the needs of the work site and its employees, as well as the type of individuals who present with problematic behavior.

Each worksite has very specific challenges based on their customers, employees, services, organizational structures and patterns of problematic behaviors. Edgework customizes its programs to fit these variables. Topics include learning methods of calming and de-escalating aggressive individuals, recognizing and communicating with mentally ill or drug intoxicated individuals, adapting hiring and firing practices, adjusting human resource issues concerning existing employees who present danger, and specific training for domestic violence and stalking issues.

Please read FAQ on Edgework Methodology